Research and Production Enterprise "Galician Computer Company" was established in 1991 on the initiative of the graduates of the department "Automation and Remote Control" of Lviv Polytechnic Institute. The main activity of the company then had to develop to connect to personal computers, which have been widely applied, devices from the old computer Park series of ES (Soviet analog of IBM 360/370) and SM (Soviet analog of PDP-11). In particular, the devices have been developed for docking with the plotter A0 of CAD computer-based SM-4, with the line printer from the SM and the ES, with a recorder on a magnetic tape, and others. This allows the use of the device to which they are accustomed, with modern (at that time) computers.
From 2005 to now, the company carries out the design, implementation and modernization of remote control, communications, SCADA-systems, commercial and technical accounting of electricity at power stations and transformer substations. For our projects, we use the hardware and software of the leading manufacturers in Europe, domestic manufacturers and producers of the eastern countries. We have software development: 2-level SCADA-system for monitoring and process control for electrical substations - "Spektr", a set of software utilities for converting formats, transmitting and receiving data, OPC-server protocols IEC-60870-5- 101 and IEC-60870-5-104. We also have experience in the design and installation of digital radio (radio relay stations, fiber optic lines and so on.). We offer a reliable and cost-effective solutions.